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Bodyshock Tattoos

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Bodyshock tattoos

Bodyshock Tattoos

Bodyshock Tattoos

Bodyshock Tattoos

About Us

Tattoo Studio: We specialize in custom tattoo procedures which in consultation with our clients, are made to measure in regard to the specific needs of the client. This involves and in-depth consultation that gives us ideas based on our clients’ needs. This particular system is the secret to our success.

Our team is based on local talent that has proved itself in the field of art and design and has knowledge of the local and international client needs. A total of 30 years’ experience between the artists. Our portfolio contains the most diverse range of tattoos in the world.

At Body Shock, we aim to continually set the bar high in the world of design; we aim to continually improve our services based on the advances of hygiene protocols internationally. We aim to continually update ourselves on ever increasing modern styles and procedures in order to keep our clients up to date.

Piercings : Piercings  are as unique as the person wanting it. Every client can approach us with their unique idea and we will try our best to satisfy them.



A tattoo is intense and dark immediately after, but will lighten after the healing. In most cases the tattoo is of a solid implant. As soon as your tattoo artist has done the tattoo, your body takes over. Everybody heals differently. Sometimes retouches are required, but of course the cost will not be the same as the initial procedure. Body implants are not an exact science and thus no credible tattoo studio will guarantee any tattoo completely. Tattoos on translucent skin generally are clearer than on opaque skin.


Would return here if I ever decided that one was just not enough. The staff were well mannered and very knowledgeable! Not only was the procedure impeccably clean but the few hours passed quickly in an enjoyable environment with happy people and good music. The stencil, detailing and execution were professional and worth every shilling! Thank you Body Shock for my elephants, especially you, Abraham!

Hollie Mansfield

Everyone at Bodyshock was very professional and friendly. The artist Abraham did an amazing job on my tattoo despite the fact that it was a very intricate design and quite small.All in all, great service, friendly people and great value for money! Definitely recommending it!!!

Kim Alexander

I absolutely love my new (and first) tattoo – the lines are clean and the symmetry perfect. Abraham (the artist) at Yaya was amazing; very gentle…I trusted him from the get go – he got my concept right on. Love the fact that Sid told me what I needed to hear at consultation

Rachel Wambui

I love my First tattoo Created by Sid. He is Very professional and experience tattoo designer. Would return here if I ever decided that one was just not enough.

Ajit Punchhi

Sid did a great job on the ink, the studio was clean and professional. Everything was up to par with a good studio around the world, my only complaint.

Jeremy Taliaferro

Sid is an amazing artist. I have had all my tattoos done here, and I don’t plan on stopping. sure it’s pricey but, you leave with a magnificent piece of art that will last a life time

Leon Kago



Piercing aftercare

Piercing aftercare

General Instructions

  • A piercing heals from the outside inwards and thus appears healed before healing is complete. The more open to air, the faster the healing. BE PATIENT!
  • During healing one might experience some bleeding, swelling, tenderness, bruising. Discoloration, itching and some secretions. Unless very excessive this is normal.
  • Hands must be washed before handling the piercing. Toying with the piercing will only delay healing and promote infection and rejection.
  • Beads must be checked regularly in case they have loosened over time.
  • Avoid soaking in swimming pools and bath water for 10 days.
  • Avoid roughness to the area pierced, specifically abdominal exercises, rough sex, oral sex, contact sports and rough play! Piercings heal faster when left alone.
  • Immediate swellings can be controlled by using ice on the area.
  • Only use aftercare solutions provided or suggested by your piercer.
  • Personal hygiene is your responsibility and must be a priority at all times.
  • A healthy lifestyle and plenty of hydration will assist in a faster healing!
  • A piercing will take between 2 to 4 months to heal. Sometimes even longer. Only once sure that the piercing has healed should you attempt to change. Always use sterile or new clean jewellery.

Oral Piercings

  • Betadine anti-bacterial mouthwash to be used after every meal or ingestion.
  • Soft foods to be consumed. Smaller bites. Avoid spicy foods. Ice and cold water will control swelling.
  • Visit the piercer after 3 weeks to downsize the Tongue piercing. This doesn’t apply to other oral piercings. A charge will be made for that. brush softly and avoid the tongue area until the changeover.

Ears & Eyebrows

  • Avoid sleeping on the piercing. Caution when removing clothes, hairstyling, wearing head gear,playing contact sports.


  • Avoid abdominal exercises until completely healed. Any crusted discharge can be cleaned off by rinsing off.


  • The nose jewellery is often lost within the first week. Do not be careless with pillows, towels, clothing and children. You may not be able to return the piercing after it snags off.

Genitalia & Nipples

  • Initially abstinence is strongly recommended. All sexual activity must be gentle. A warm soak or shower before and after ensuring cleanliness. Protection must be trustworthy and of good quality.


In any case do not try to be your own doctor. Every individual is unique and has different immunology and personality. Advice from friends and family may be well intentioned but misguided. Visit your piercer for clarification whenever any of the above symptoms alleviate considerably.

Any queries contact your piercer, except Sundays, between 10:30 and 5:00

Piercing FAQ

Piercing FAQ

  • Is it safe?
    At Body Shock, your health and safety are our priorities. We use fresh gloves for every piercing, and you will see us change gloves during your visit to prevent cross-contamination.We use a new sterilized needle for every client. You get to see the package opened in front of you, and the needle disposed of immediately afterward.All tools and instruments that are not disposable, such as forceps and tubes, are cleaned, disinfected and autoclave sterilized before use on each client.All jewelry is ultrasonically cleaned, individually packaged and autoclave sterilized before insertion into any new piercing.  Jewelry which cannot be sterilized (i.e. acrylic, bone, wood) is never inserted into a new piercing, and is thoroughly disinfected before being inserted into a healed piercing.
  • What is an autoclave and why is it important?
    An autoclave is the same device used by hospitals, doctors and dentists to sterilize their equipment. Autoclave sterilization is the only way to ensure that all equipment is properly sterilized and safe to use on you. Autoclaves achieve sterilization through the use of intense steam heat and pressure over an extended period of time. Items such as dry heat sterilizers, chemical solutions, boiling and alcohol do not achieve appropriate levels of sterilization.
  • Does it hurt?
    Most piercings are just a slight pinch for a second, and most of our clients saying, “it was so much easier than I thought it would be”, or “that didn’t hurt at all”.
  • How is it done?
    We perform all of our piercings with single use, sterilized surgical needles. They are extremely sharp, therefore making the piercing as painless as possible. You get to watch us break open the needle package, and dispose of the needle immediately after the procedure.
  • What type of metal can be used for an initial piercing?
    The following are the metals safe for initial piercings; Implant-grade stainless steel: 316
  • What should I do to prepare for a piercing?
    You must bring a form of proof of age, please note that we cannot perform services on anyone without a copy of their ID failing which oral or written permission by a parent or guardian.
    Eat something substantial an hour or two before getting pierced. This will help support your blood sugar level.
    Avoid alcohol, aspirin, excessive caffeine, and all recreational drugs for 24 hours beforehand. 
  • Will I be able to breastfeed after I have had my nipples pierced?
    Having your nipples pierced will not impede you from breastfeeding. However, you want to make sure your piercings are well healed beforehand. Also, be sure to remove your jewelry before breastfeeding, as it can be a choking hazard for infants.
  • Can I go swimming with a fresh piercing?
    For the first month it is a good idea to avoid swimming unless you can cover your piercing with a Tegaderm patch bandage. This is a clear, adhesive, water proof bandage that can be comfortably worn on some piercings, such as navels with curved barbells, and nipples. It can usually be found at most pharmacies. Of course, if it’s a facial piercing, just avoid submerging it.
  • Can I put a bandage on my piercing?
    A bandage is not going to help heal your piercing faster, so if that’s why you would want to bandage it, don’t bother.If the bandage is to hide the piercing, be sure that the bandage is not holding the piercing down, and that the adhesive is not getting on the piercing or jewelry.
  • Do you perform any piercings with a piercing gun?
    There are several reasons why we do not use ear piercing guns for any type of piercing.First, there is no way to sterilize piercing guns. Most guns are made of plastic and will melt under the extreme heat and pressure of an autoclave (the piece of equipment used to sterilize implements) and chemical sterilization has not been proven to kill all blood borne pathogens; this is extremely dangerous since fluid micro-spray (microscopic particles of tissue, blood and other body fluids) might be present on the gun after a piercing.

    Second, guns are considerably more painful than a piercing needle because guns use the blunt end of the jewelry to do the piercing – actually tearing the skin, traumatizing the area, and complicating healing.

    Third, since both the instrument and the jewelry were designed for earlobes, they are not compatible with other areas of the body, increasing the risk of infection and further complicating the healing process.

    Fourth, standard piercing gun studs are usually made of a poor quality metal that can cause additional complications.

    Lastly, the jewelry is poorly designed in that the backing traps and collects waste, hair and debris, holding it against or close to the piercing. This is far from an ideal healing environment.

  • Will I get an Infection?
    Infections are generally the result of improper aftercare. If you follow the aftercare instructions given to you, infections are very rare. Avoid over cleaning or under cleaning, stick with what the guidelines say and you will avoid an infection. The guidelines you will be given are the latest and up-to-date. They have been established by the industry and the APP working with doctors and the piercing community.
Tattoos FAQ

Tattoos FAQ

  1. Does Body Shock do cover-ups, retouches, or colour enhancements on an existing tattoo?
    Yes we do. But it is not always easy or possible to pull off. Too much depends on what the state of the tattoo it is.
  2. Can I contact you by email, whatsapp or messenger with questions or design ideas?
    We do prefer to speak to customers face to face. However, if you still feel you need to write in a query please do the following:Please indicate the Branch where you wish to do the procedure, and your question with as much detail as possible. i.e. Sample pic, exact size, location and your skin type. Please do not expect us to reply unless you give us all the above information. We are a tattoo studio and also are very busy most of the time so please be concise and do not expect a conversation.
  1. Where is Body Shock located?
    We are based in Yaya Centre, 2nd Floor &TRM mall, 1st Floor.
  2. What are your tattoo hours of operation?
    Tattoos are by appointment only. Tattoos are grouped together on certain days depending on size, complicity, location and type. For example, smaller tattoos will be booked on separate days from larger pieces. Our morning sessions generally begin at 11.00am and afternoon sessions begin at 2.30pm. But this may change depending on artist availability or design reasons. We are open from Tuesday to Saturdays only. Sunday and Monday are by special appointment only.
  3. How much does a tattoo at Body Shock cost?
    All prices are as unique as our tattoos, based on many factors: size, intricacy, research and required drawing time, placement and the time it takes to execute the piece. Due to the variety in choice of designs, it is impossible to quote accurately without a consultation. Some tattoos are done in one sitting whereas others require multiple sessions.
  4. How do I set up an appointment?
    We advise you to set up a consultation appointment prior to a final/tattoo appointment. You may come down to the studio with any ideas and references that you may have. This makes it easy for us to assess your tattoo needs and the amount of time it will take to complete the task. You will need to talk to the tattoo artist and leave a deposit of 50% before getting an exact appointment. It is a good idea to call ahead just to make sure things at the studio aren’t too hectic.
  5. How far in advance is Body Shock booked?
    The waiting time varies due to many factors; including researching and drawing your tattoo design and how many people have booked appointments prior to you. It also depends on what your tattoo design is. A small design does not mean we will do it straight away! We have a lot of other work going on as well.
  6. What subject matters does Body Shock tattoo?
    We are open to most ideas, including portraits, fantasy, nature, spiritual, art nouveau, renaissance and contemporary arts, photo – realism, tribal, abstract and oriental to name a few. Our limits are based on what we deem to be perfectly suitable to your personality and skin tone. We prefer not working on abusive, sexual and racist themes.
  7. What is the age limit for tattoos at Body Shock?
    You have to be 18 and over. No exceptions. We may require identification or proof of age.
  8. What sort of references do I need to bring with me to my consultation?
    The more focused and specific the information you provide, the easier it is for us to turn the tattoo of your dreams into reality. There are many things you can bring along to your consultation as references to your idea, including all types of books and print media, photographs, rough sketches, physical objects [i.e., driftwood, a child’s favourite toy, a seashell etc.] With a bit of imagination, almost anything in the world can be a tattoo reference so search with an open mind.
    Other than that, a deposit is required to set up an appointment. There are many ATM’s available within reach of the studios. This will allow you to set up an appointment without having to wait or make an additional trip to the studio.
    The consultation will not take too long either. It usually goes like this: You come in with references we will look at them and discuss them with you, as well as look at the place you’d like to get the tattoo. This is to make sure that the size and placement are appropriate, along with the tattoo’s composition. We also need to see any blemishes, scars and hair in the area. From there we can figure out how much time the tattoo will take, quote a price and proceed to schedule your appointment.
  9. How do I prepare for/on the day of my actual appointment?
    Most importantly, you want to be as healthy possible when you come in. Here are some recommendations to help make things go smoothly:
    Eat before you come in or else you may feel dizzy or light headed.
    Do not drink alcohol or do drugs at least two days prior to getting tattooed. We do not tolerate any alcohol, drugs or intoxicants in our studio.
    Have a good night’s sleep the night before getting tattooed.
    Wear loose & comfortable clothing that allows access to the area being tattooed. We have an open door policy and will not close our door unless by prior paid arrangement. We are a busy studio and all sorts of other procedures are going on.
    Absolutely don’t bring your kids. We have no way of accommodating them. We may allow one, well behaved friend along with you for the appointment but don’t attempt to bring an entourage…
    It is OK to bring a screw capped bottle of water, juice or cold refreshment with you in case you get thirsty during your tattoo.
    BE on TIME. In Kenya the concept of being on time is always ignored. We will cancel your appointment and not refund your deposit. That is on you. Postponements can be made with at least 48 hrsnotice.
  10. What methods of sterilization does Body Shock use?
    Body Shock takes yours and our own safety very seriously. Therefore, we follow strict precautions to ensure you a safe tattooing experience. All our non-sharp equipment is sterilized in an autoclave which is the same thing they use in a hospital or a dentist’s surgery. Every needle used is brand new and sterile and then disposed of properly after every single procedure, making your tattooing experience as safe as possible.
  11. Does it hurt?
    Each person has a different tolerance level for pain, so the question is very subjective. Most clients agree that it is more of an annoyance than anything else. It may not be entirely a pain-free experience for you but it is ultimately a tolerable sensation. Focus on how great it will look, the reason why you’re doing it and the fact that even that moment will pass….

A tattoo is intense and dark immediately after, but will lighten after the healing. In most cases the tattoo is of a solid implant. As soon as your tattoo artist has done the tattoo, your body takes over. Everybody heals differently. Sometimes retouches are required, but of course the cost will not be the same as the initial procedure. Body implants are not an exact science and thus no credible tattoo studio will guarantee any tattoo completely. Tattoos on translucent skin generally are clearer than on opaque skin.




Navel        – 3000 to 4000

Eyebrow   – 3000 to 4000

Lip area    – 3000 to 4500

Ear area   – 3000 to 4500

Tongue     – 6000 (includes sterile size changeover)

Nipple       – 3500 to 4000

Nose         – 3000 to 3500

Genitalia  – 6500 to 10000 (based on availability)

Anchors    – 5000

Surface     – 5000

Industrial  – 4500


Piercings are as unique as the person wanting it. Every client can approach us with their unique idea and we will try our best to satisfy them.

Prices in Kenyan Shillings.

Prices include aftercare solution and instruction except for piercings requiring pharmacy medicine.

Minimum age is 18. Persons between 16 and 18 years of age require parental consent.

Tattoos After Care

Tattoos After Care


Here is a general idea on how to look after a new tattoo. Please note that your artist may give you different instructions based on your design and the location of the tattoo:

  • Keep the bandage for on for 4 hours. Gently remove. If stuck to the tattoo, rinse with water until it peels off.
  • Wash off the tattoo with cold water, using clean hands, gently rubbing off any dry blood.
  • Gently pat dry with a paper napkin or a clean towel.
  • Apply a thin film of GRABACIN antibiotic ointment, gently working it into the tattoo, blot off all the excess with a paper napkin.
  • Repeat the Grabacin and blotting 4 times daily up to 3 days.
  • From the 4th day onwards apply moisturising lotion on the tattoo to stop it from drying out.. At least every couple of hours. This should be continued until the tattoo heals completely.
  • DO NOT pick or scratch any scabs or dry skin on the new tattoo.
  • DO NOT soak the new tattoo in a bath or any body of water until completely healed. Keep the showers short and to the point.
  • Do not sunbathe or expose the new tattoo to the sun for the duration of the healing.
  • Do not smother or stretch the new tattoo with tight clothing.


A tattoo is intense and dark immediately after, but will lighten after the healing. In most cases the tattoo is of a solid implant. As soon as your tattoo artist has done the tattoo, your body takes over. Everybody heals differently. Sometimes retouches are required, but of course the cost will not be the same as the initial procedure. Body implants are not an exact science and thus no credible tattoo studio will guarantee any tattoo completely. Tattoos on translucent skin generally are clearer than on opaque skin.


Tattoos are by appointment only. A minimum 50% deposit will be required before any appointment can be given or any designing started. Once deposit is accepted it is non-refundable. Deposits will be forfeited in case of late arrival, illness, deaths, funerals, hangovers, lack of money, absent minds, car trouble, flight schedules, drunkenness, traffic and simple ignorance. We do not accept any walk-ins so it will be difficult to find a replacement at short notice. Arrive 15 minutes ahead. And latest 15 minutes after appointed time. Postponement is possible only with a 48hr notice.

Custom Tattoos: The cost of custom tattoos is 8000/- an hour. A consultation is a must and must be booked ahead. Minimum time from deposit will be 2 weeks to allow for design. The above still applies. In cases of multiple sessions the same still applies for each subsequent booking. All designs must be approved beforehand.

Please do not be hung-over. Eat at least 3 hours before the appointment. Clients should be of calm nature and understanding. Please do not be a drama queen. No food or drinks allowed in the studio. Absolutely no children & pets allowed. No mobile phones. No photography without permission. Absolutely no videos allowed. One person allowed with the client in the studio [and all above conditions apply to them] and should not interfere with client/artist decisions.

The tattoo must be inspected after it is done. Note that tattoos are not an exact science and places where the implant will be light may have to be re-touched and the cost for this will be based as per our pricelist. Upon finishing the tattoo, a bandage will be applied. It must be removed after 4 hours and after-care instructions followed. A perfect tattoo is entirely dependent on after care.

We reserve the right to tattoo or not tattoo. We reserve the right to reject any design that may not conform to our artists and Body Shock ethos. We reserve the right to postpone any appointment within reasonable notice.

Please note that the above is based on past experiences. We have tattooed over 7000 people and they have all adhered to above instructions. If you agree to our terms you will join the growing list of our happy clients. Over 30% of our clients are repeat clients, Over 50% are word of mouth clients.


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Address: 1st Floor. Yaya Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

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